Condition Monitoring

We are able to monitor equipment during normal production operation in order to detect and trend potential equipment failure before it becomes catastrophic, avoiding costly lost production and expensive repair costs. Condition monitoring and vibration analysis can be used across a wide range of applications within plant facilities.


The services we provide include:

  • Vibration analysis of rotating equipment
  • Vibration condition monitoring of plant
  • Thermal surveys of electrical distributions
  • Thermal surveys of electromechanical plant
  • Thermal surveys of electrical control / switchgear
  • Thermal condition monitoring of plant
  • Oil analysis of lubrication systems
  • Oil analysis of electrical insulations
  • Installation of fixed point vibration sensors
  • Online condition-based monitoring

The need for condition monitoring is required to provide a proactive approach to machinery maintenance, to react before machinery fails, preventing machinery failure & therefore reduce costs / impact to customers business.